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Botanical Extracts - ENRICH - 10 ml

Botanical Extracts - ENRICH - 10 ml

Botanical Extracts - ENRICH - 10 ml
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Zen Organics has now introduced concentrated botanical extracts that can be added into any product (Cream, Lotion, and Oil) to add specific benefits that you may have found in one of our other products. We have made these special blends available to our customers to use in your daily practice. The natural extracts have a very strong herbal scent, so please use the extracts sparingly.

Ingredients: Chamomile (flower*) Extract, Echinacea angustifolia (root*) Extract, English Lavender (flower*) Extract, Rosemary (leaf*) Extract, Sage (leaf*) Extract, Thyme (leaf*) Extract. *Organic, Certified Organic or Wild Crafted. No Artificial Color or Fragrance. No Animal Ingredients. No Animal Testing.
Directions: Add 6 – 8 drops of the Botanical Extract Blend per 1 oz of cream, lotion, or oil. This blend will affect the scent of the product.

Benefits of Botanical Extract:
Chamomile Extract – Antiseptic qualities; Egyptians believes it cures aging; treats inflammation
Echinacea Extract – Boosts immune system; fights infections; anti-viral and anti-fungal qualities
Lavender Extract – Antiseptic and disinfecting qualities; heals wounds, sores, skin ulcers, eczema, acne and insect bites
Rosemary Extract – natural antibacterial; stimulates blood circulation; prevents hair loss
Thyme Extract – natural antiseptic; soothes insect bites, burns, skin irritations, eczema and psoriasis; anesthetic

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