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Hemp Extract Concentrate - 940+ mg - 10 ml

Hemp Extract Concentrate - 940+ mg - 10 ml

Hemp Extract Concentrate - 940+ mg - 10 ml
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DAS BUD Organic Hemp Oil Extract (CBD) suspended in MCT Oil, Naturally derived from Coconut - Full Spectrum

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most predominant cannabinoid in hemp, and has many beneficial properties.

In its patent (#6,630,507) titled CANNABINOIDS AS ANTIOXIDANTS AND NEUROPROTECTANTS, the U.S. federal government makes many impressive claims about CBD, stating that:

  • “Cannabinoids are potent antioxidants… they easily penetrate tissues giving them the ability to enter the central nervous system and brain.”
  • “Non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD are particularly advantageous as they are non-toxic… and exhibit unique antioxidant properties without the undesirable effects of THC.”
  • “The antioxidant strength of CBD is significantly greater than that of either Vitamin C or Vitamin E.”

What is Hemp Oil Extract?
CBD hemp oil is extracted from the stalks and seeds of industrial hemp plants. The plants used are specially bred to contain high concentrations of naturally occurring cannabidiol (CBD). No THC

Skin ailments and conditions can be devastating, affecting the physical and mental well-being of those who have them. Because skin problems often affect appearance, people generally want to see immediate improvement. While there are multiple treatment options for acne, wounds and psoriasis, some people find that traditional treatments provide inconsistent results and turn instead to CBD.

A common indicator of many conditions like acne and psoriasis is inflammation, which causes scaling, swelling, redness and other visible changes in the skin. So you may wonder why CBD can be used to treat such conditions. One reason is that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in calming inflamed cells.
  • ORGANIC HEMP OIL EXTRACT - Full Spectrum CBD, not Isolate
  • One of the strongest Antioxidants available
  • NON-TOXIC Unlike other topical oils, Das Bud only contains non-toxic ingredients
  • Does NOT stain clothes or other fabrics
  • Made in the U.S
  • FAST ACTING, Long Lasting, Non-greasy and Absorbs Quickly.

Hemp Oil is NOT Psychoactive

You CANNOT get ‘high’ or intoxicated by consuming CBD hemp oil or any whole, raw natural product from industrial hemp plants. Unlike medical marijuana, hemp does not contain the psychoactive properties of THC. Additionally, scientific research* has documented that CBD is actually anti-psychoactive.

MCT Oil naturally derived from Coconut Oil*, Industrial Hemp Extract*, *Organic, Certified Organic, or Wild Crafted. No artificial color or fragrance. No animal ingredients. No animal testing. Store in a cool, dry place.

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