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What the Professionals Have to Say: Video Testimonials

Zen Organics is proud to share video testimonials we have received from our professional clients. We would be delighted to add yours, so please feel free to email your video to Thomas@ZenOrganics.com or post them on Facebook at Zen Organics by 303 Distributions, Inc.

We just received a new video testimonial from Carmen:

A video testimonial from Kirsten:

A video testimonial from Beth:

A video testimonial from Brooke:

This is the video testimonial we received from The Village Mystic; They can be found online at www.thevillagemystic.com.

Here's a video, submitted by a client, showing how you only need a small amount of the dual action cream in a massage!

A Thank You video from a happy long-time client, professional massage therapist Deborah Stouffer.

These two videos show a massage therapist applying Biotone® massage lotion to one leg of the client, and then Zen Organics Massage Lotion to the other. She clearly demonstrates Zen Organics Massage Lotion's superior glide.

True, Real Life Testimonials about Zen Organics

True, Real Life Testimonials about Zen Organics

I was introduced to ZenOrganics Zero Pain at an appointment with my chiropractor over a year ago. It was magical at reducing the constant pain I had been experiencing almost immediately and lasted for hours. Amazing relief!! Many family members now use it on a regular basis... Including both my 93 year old mother and 35 year old daughter. I have given away ZeroPain to many friends to let them experience how Zero Pain can relieve their muscle/joint pain; once you find a product that is so effective - you want to share the good news. THANK YOU ZenOrganics!!
E.Vreeland (Denver, CO)


I started using Zen organics lavender dual-action massage cream shortly after it arrived on the market an in our local store here in Austin. That's a long time ago! I am so completely happy with it that I would never think of using another product.  I sought it out as I was unhappy with other leading brands and I wanted an organic product without preservatives for both me and my clients. The cream has lasting power, beautiful glide and works wonderfully with cupping.  My clients always ask what kind of cream I use as they notice a nice moisturizing silkiness without oily residue, and my hands love it too. 



Thank you so much for your incredible business.  You guys are great!I have used your products since I graduated from massage school 8 years ago, and I absolutely love them.  I find the Zen Organics products to have just enough grip and glide to be exactly what I need in my sessions for clients, whether I am doing lighter Swedish or deep tissue work.  I have always been impressed by how quickly I receive an order in the mail after placing it, and love that I can use the lotion for all my clients-- whether they have skin sensitivities or not!  Thanks for your incredible business, and for maintaining such quality and integrity in both the items you sell and the customer service you provide.  I love your products!
Amber Roth


I have been a licensed massage therapist in Oregon for 10 years and have switched over to using only zen organics lotions and creams in my practice. I find that the dual -action massage cream allows me to easily sink into the depth I choose to work with a perfect amount of glide.  I find it actually makes my strokes 'smoother' and I do use a lot less then I have with previous brands.  I use the unscented and blend in my own essential oils depending on my clients needs. I love that I can work on a different part of the body and then come back and not have to reapply more lotion. It makes my hands feel great too.  Great product line. I would highly recommend it!

Ema Koziatek LMT


Eight years ago, I began my career as a massage therapist. I had a couple of massage creams I enjoyed working with, but one of my clients complained that his skin felt itchy after our sessions. After researching ingredients in my products, I was horrified to see that known skin irritants were used in massage creams!
Zen organics passed the safe ingredient test; I made the switch and I've been extremely happy with the nut free unscented massage cream and lavender massage cream. I also find zero below is great to use on clients after deep work and the peppermint foot cream continuously lives on my shelf. 
Besides the ingredients, the cream is a great product for deep work. It doesn't stick like other products I've tried. I do a lot of MFR, NMT and deep tissue massage and zen organics works best!
Pam Christenson


I would like to sing some praises about Zen Organics.  I have been using Zen Organics at the suggestion of a Massage School teacher back in 2006.  Around the same time, Massage Therapy Journal had run an article about "weird symptoms" cropping up for massage therapists, which turned out to be cumulative effects from the lotions they used.  ( I remember specifically this concerned Biotone, (before they had added organic products) which sealed the deal for me in insisting upon Zen Organics. I have worked at a number of large spas that feature or featured Zen Organic products proudly, and have insisted upon its use in my own private practice.
I store the dual-action cream in the fridge to lengthen its lifespan, however I've never noticed mold, or even product breakdown (unless it got to hot, so I ensure it stays out of the sun).  I have had tremendously positive results during these 10 years with your products, being as it blends well with essential oils and works well for effleurage or deep tissue.
Due to my and my clients' high satisfaction with your products, I will continue to be sold on Zen Organics.
Thank you kindly for your consideration,
Cynthia Bakke, Colorado LMT


I have been a massage therapist for 32 years & have tried dozens of massage lotions & creams over the years. I have to say your massage creams are the best I have ever tried. I haven’t used anything else for years because they deliver in every way. The consistency is great for having a smooth glide but still works great for deep tissue work. The scent of both the lavender & bergamot creams are heavenly. I also more than appreciate the natural, non-toxic nature of your products. Thank you.

Christine Rovere


I have been doing massage therapy for 10 years now, and I discovered the Zen Organics line about 4 years ago I think. Before that I used Biotone Dual purpose massage cream, but was looking for something else that worked the same but with fewer ingredients and organic. 

I found that in Zen Organics. Since I found it I have used nothing else, and my client constantly comment on the smell and the feel of it. I have actually referred several of them to buy their own for personal use. I love the lightness of it, the durability, and the essential oils added. It serves all my different styles very well, especially neuromuscular therapy where I need to be able to pick up the specific muscles and release them. 

Since using this massage cream, I have turned 3 others therapists onto it who now swear by it too! Thanks Zen Organics for making such a wonderful line of products and for your attention to organic sustainable production and to your customer. 


Diana Adair, RMT, CNMT, BCST


I tried Zen Organics a little over 3 years ago and I have been using it on my clients ever since.  I absolutely love it.  I usually purchase the bergamot and orange dual action cream which has a very mild pleasant scent that does not seem to leave my clients with a greasy feeling. It has a superior glide while only requiring a small amount of lotion.  As a matter of fact I have used my current bottle on approximately 90 clients and I still have about 1/4 of a jug left. I estimate that to average out to about an oz. or maybe a little less per client. Thank you Zen for making such an awesome product. 

Betsy Kumler


Hey Thomas!
I've been using your products exclusively for almost 6 years and couldn't be happier!  As an RN and massage therapist specializing in prenatal and postnatal massage, it is very important that the products I use with my clients are the most pure and unscented during the sensitive time of pregnancy. I love the feel of the Dual Action Massage Cream while working using a variety of techniques. And I love love that there is literally NO SCENT as I'm very sensitive to smells myself.  My clients love the products too and have even ordered some for themselves to use at home.

Thanks for all you do,

Brandie Mitchell, RN


Hey Guys, Anette here,
I just wanted you to know how Amazing your Zen products are, my daughter Missy has arthritis in her arms back etc from the accident that made her immobile, when the weather changes it gets very bad, I put the zero below or the pain cream on her and within a few minutes she relaxes and often falls asleep, that is a miracle, she has problems sleeping due to the injury's,  also, I use the night serum, my hubby told me the other day that the lined over my nose are less noticeable, he told me that I look younger than his sister, she is 8 years younger than me...
Wow, love your products,

Thanks Anette


Dear Zen,

I have been using your massage cream in my practice for 14 years now and wouldn't consider using anything else. My clients and I appreciate the organic ingredients as well as the feel and glide of your cream. I am also using some of the facial line, the hand cleaner and the body lotion. I am impressed with the consistent quality and effectiveness of your products. I also keep a few of the products on hand to retail.

I learned about your line through a massage therapist friend of mine and have and will continue to spread the word. Thanks so much for contributing to the success of my practice and the well being of myself and my clients.


Lisa Albert LMT


Dear Thomas & co., 
I'm an owner of a massage studio in Iowa who loves Zen Dual Action massage lotion! I've been using it for about two years now and don't even think about other massage lotions when I'm running low. There is no doubt in my mind that I will reorder Zen each time.

Sometimes I change from the orange bergamot to lavender, just for something different, but always enjoy what I'm working with. Recently I tried the dual action nut free lotion and loved it! Perfect glide for the type of work I do.

Finally, what I like most about the Zen products I've used are the benefits for the client's skin as well as mine. I know my clients enjoy the organic factor as well. 

Thanks for developing such a great product!

Ginny Greene, LMT 
Owner, Synergy Massage 
Cedar Rapids, Iowa


I have been a massage therapist for 20 years and have used many different products.  Zen Organics is by far the best massage lotion.  My clients love the light fragrance of the bergamot orange lotion, and I love the glide that allows me to use less lotion and provide deep tissue massage.  I highly recommend Zen Organics!"

Laura Mooney, CMT


"I love using the non scented massage lotion.  It doesn't leave me or my clients feeling too oily or sticky with residue. I feel good about using it and feel confident about it's ingredients.  It's the best lotion I've found so far and I've been a massage therapist for 9 years."

Nicole Olexa, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
"I was introduced to Zen organics by my sister. After years of using Bon Vital, I couldn't imagine switching. I fell in love at first touch! The glide is perfect and allows for great control while working. I have also incorporated the facial line into my personal life as well as my practice. With excellent customer service and fast shipping,  you wont be disappointed!"

Angela Burgdorf, LMT AL#3129


"I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2005.  Via Chi Baby Inc., my practice, I have used the Zen Organics Dual Lavender Massage Cream exclusively for almost the entire 10 years.  This is absolutely a fantastic product for both the therapist and the client.  The glide is outstanding, and it never leaves an unpleasant residue, but instead provides the client with a great moisturizing treatment.  I also feel it is an extremely safe product as not one client has ever had any allergic or adverse reaction to this product and I on average massage at least 20 people a week.  The scent is also in a word perfect...not too overpowering, but very subtle and gentle.  I also find that this product glides as well as oil, but does not leave oil stains on the sheets and carpeting..much less messy.  Can not say enough about the quality of this product!!"

with gratitude,

Nancy Regan, LMT


"My clients love the scents of the dual action bergamot orange massage cream - In fact, I think I get more positive comments from my male clients than female clients!  I also love the peppermint foot cream for my reflexology clients.  I have a client with severe eczema and I used the African refined shea butter I bought in my last order - works great to soothe his skin.  Keep up the great work."

Denise M.


"I love Zen Organic products! I have been using Zen Organics for years since a massage friend let me use her products. You can feel the purity of ingredients in your hands and on your skin. I love the dual purpose massage cream in all flavors for doing professional therapeutic massage. My clients love it too! I also love the zero below for spot treatment after doing intense work on clients and also brings relief to my hands and forearms. The foot lotion is great for foot massage and absorbs nicely into feet.
I also love the daily moisturizer for face and body. Glides on and absorbs nicely. The aloe gel and vitamin e gel is awesome for face and body too! My boyfriend loves the skin care products as well and have to get him is own supply! I can't say enough about all of their amazing products and can't wait to try the shea butter! Thank you Zen Organics, glad i found you!"
Karen R., Jackson Hole Massage Therapy, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"You guys became mt favorite 2 years ago...it's been so fun to watch you expand and grow, while not losing your integrity and personal touch.  I tell every therapist I know about your company and you better believe I'll continue to. :)  Thanks for calling when need be, for being the most prompt supplier I deal with, and for always going the extra mile."

Amanda S.


"I had researched and used so many different massage lotions, cremes, and oils and usually found myself disappointed.  As a massage therapist in a medi-spa that focuses on holistic healing, I wanted to have the healthiest creme I could and still have great workability.  I was so happy to have stumbled upon Zen Organics. I love using it on my clients and myself!  I truly cannot find a creme or lotion with better quality ingredients, or a company with better customer service.  I placed my order via telephone and a real live person answered.  She was able to answer all of my questions and help me find the best product for my practice.  So far I have used the lavender dual action creme and the peppermint foot lotion and couldn't be happier!"

Taryn, LMT


"I love zen organics. I have been using their massage products for a couple of years now and I have to say they are my all time favorite. I have tried a variety of massage creams over the years and they just do not compare to zen organics. I try to make my massage practice 'green' and I love how they are organic, non toxic, and chemical free, so I can be assured that the products wont be hurting myself or my clients.  I also think the massage cream lasts longer than other brands and the glide is superb, not too oily, but doesn't rub in too fast either. I love supporting this excellent company and trying all of their products- they always send me samples.  The gift packs are great to send to friends and family and I even use the massage cream as lotion in my own house--in fact, my boyfriend wont use any other lotion now because he is hooked! Thanks zen organics for your quality products and excellent customer service-- I will be a customer for life!"

Alicia M.

"I have been doing massage and bodywork for over twelve years.  I am really concerned about what ingredients are in the products I use. I can feel good about Zen Organics.  I love the Dual Purpose Massage Cream. It is great to have the smooth glide you get with an oil.  It also absorbs into the skin for those clients with really dry skin.  It nourishes and heals dry cracked skin.  I really love this product!! I can't say enough good things.  I have worked at a multitude of spa's in the Northwest and you would be surprised at what people use on their clients.  I have seen spa's advertise that they use Organic Oils and they are really using oil that is primarily Canola Oil.  I know that with Zen Organics you are getting a quality product and that is really important to me."

Shawn Marie

"Hi  Would like to share something with you about your Vitamin E gel.    Every year I donate my massage services during a 5k race which is a means to not only raise money to cure melanoma, but, awareness.   Every year I utilize their face screening, every year they tell me I have some damage and need to keep on/start using sun screen.      This year they told me that there is one place on the top of my nose that will probably need to be checked out in the future, otherwise I am fine.   That spot is the one place I seem to consistently miss when I apply your Vitamin E gel.  Otherwise, the rest of my face where I do apply the gel, no longer is showing damage.   :)" 

Sue D.

"I started using Zen Organics in my massage practice when I was looking to switch to a healthier product.  It's surprising how many harmful chemicals can be found in some brands.  Zen Organics was the winner hands down for purity, ease of use and scrumptious scents.  My first love was the lavender cream which was soothing with a pleasing mild aroma.  I've since moved on to the Bergamot Orange cream because I do enjoy anything citrus.  This is the biggest hit with my clients, so light and fresh.  Suffice it to say I'm a lifer when it comes to these outstanding products!"

Kathy T.

"Zen Organics skin care products contain botanically derived skin-friendly enzymes, minerals and moisturizers to make good skin care a pleasure.  Thank you Zen Organics."
Maggie G.

"I used a trial bottle of Zen Organics Vitamin E Gel everyday for about 1 month.  Prior to using it, I had blotchy skin and red patches on my face, neck and upper chest area and acne on a regular basis.  My skin was just not smooth and even.  I only had to use just a dab every day. I started using the Vitamin E Gel and within 2 weeks my skin got smoother and my skin tone everywhere I used the gel evened out and the acne went away permanently.  I am in my 50's and I highly recommend that anyone with this type of skin use this gel.  It has changed my life and my skin!  I have tried everything to make my skin be smooth and even and the Vitamin E Gel has accomplished that for me!  I have found that I don't have to use any other type of lotion, or face cream when I use the Zen Organics Vitamin E Gel. Thank you Zen Organics!"
Cheyenne S.

"Our clients rave about your products especially the moisturizer and Vitamin E gel.  Your prices are good and we appreciate your samples.  Thank you."
Denise S.

"In my massage practice, I've never used anything other than Zen Organics on my clients.  Aside from the fact that they have THE BEST ingredients onthe planet in those little bottles, my clients love the way their skin feels after their session.  My personal favorite (because I love pretending that I'm working in a tropical paradise) is Zen Organics Dual Action Massage Creme scented with Italian Bergamot and Brazilian Orange.  AHHHHHH....it's heaven in a bottle. Thank you SO much for making one heck of a great product at a fantastically affordable price!!"
Hollie K.

"I am a professional massage therapist and recently ordered several products from Zen Organics to try.  I am thrilled with the quality of the products.  I love the fragrances available as well.  Not too strong as to be offensive to my sensitive nose yet delightfully light and natural.  I appreciate the lasting effects on my own skin.  I always use products on myself first to be sure I am happy with a product's safety and feel on the skin.  I wouldn't use or recommend a product that I myself wouldn't use.  I love Zen for many reasons.  It feels great on the skin, it smells great during sessions, and my clients enjoy it.  Thank you Zen."
Linda D.

"I was introduced to Zen Organics in 2002.  I have been using them ever since.  Unscented Dual Action Massage Cream works best for me, as I have several clients who have sensitivities to scented products.  It is longer lasting than other products, without getting pasty, and it doesn't dissolve to a hard dryness with extended usage.  I have used several other Zen Organics products and especially like the Daily Moisturizer; I wouldn't be without it in winter as occasional Winter Exzema occasionally "visit".  This product usually [for me], remains all day, applied in the morning.  Unscented, again works best, and it doesn't leave a burning feeling if skin is slightly raw - very smoothing.  Sevice with Tom and Mica - unmatched anywhere else.  Even though I call from Pittsburgh, there is a closeness in the communication that feels like they are just down the street.  I love using Zen Organics, and I have loved buying Zen Organics since Tom and Mica took over."
Norman S.

"I've been a steady customer of Zen Organics since 2007, and I deeply appreciate the personal treatment I get with this company.  I started using the Lavender Scented Dual Action Massage Cream as my first product, and I haven't used anything else since then!  My clients love the subtle scent, that doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin, won't stain sheets like some oils do, and gives me the control I need for Orthopedic Massage and the glide with Swedish Massage.  I've had clients just go straight to the pump and apply the cream on themselves! They love it, and I need a lotion that does more with less.  Nothing works better for me, and the fact that the cream contains conscious ingredients is an added bonus.  I highly recommend this cream to bodyworkers of all styles!"
Miguel B.

"I have been using Zen Organics' products on my massage clients and myself for going on two years.  I was introduced to it by my office mate and fell in love with it!  I especially like the Dual Action Massage Cream, unscented.  I have had hypersensitive skin all of my life and this product does not irritate my skin like some of the other professional brands do.  I care about the of my clients and myself and appreciate safety of the ingredients put into this AMAZING product.  A lot goes a long way and I tend to use less product per massage than the leading professional brands.  Which in turn saves me money!  The staff is friendly every time I call with questions and have always received my order in a timely fashion.  I recommend Zen Organics to all of my Massage Therapist friends"
Liz K.


"Greetings from Madion, WI. I am a professional reflexologist.  I needed a massage lotion that would serve a dual purpoet, one that would glide for a finishing massage, but one that would also allow deep tissue work.  I called on the phone, and much to my delight, I talked with one of the most informative and helpful persons I ever had the pleasure to do business with.  He highly recommended the Bergamot Orange Dual Action Massage Cream.  It is outstanding, it really surpassed my expectations.  It provides the right surface tension for deep tissue work on the foot, and is a beautiful non-greasy cream for massage.  I believe in using only healthy products on my clients and my hands, so it is great.  Also the smell is very pleasing to my clients.  Orange, Bergamot, lime, these essential oils are generally used in aromatherapy to increase happiness, and subside depression.  So far myself using the cream is always a most happy experience.  Besides being informative, the I talked to was also kind and patient with me.  As a first time customer, I was sent a beautiful gift lotion.  I was surprised and delighted."
Anita B.

"The dual massage cream feels wonderful, I did my first massage with it today and used less than an ounce for full body."

Tere Del C.


"I'm a staff massage therapist at a hospital and my first encounter with Zen Organics was during some random surfing on the internet. I was looking for something different in a massage product. I took the opportunity to call the phone number listed and spoke to a friendly and informative person. she quickly told me about the products and I ordered 2 sample packs to try. the shipment came within days and my clients have given me positive feedback every since I started using Zen Organics."
Darcie B.


"I was looking for an organic alternative to the school's current massage oil line when Zen Organics sent me samples.  I immediately fell in love with the Dual Action Massage Cream and have been using it for the school and my personal clients ever since.  The cream offers a great silky feel for clients and stays workable long enough for my deep tissue and neuromuscular needs.  Zen Organics has always been great to work with, processing orders quickly and efficiently.  I'm glad I found Zen Organics and so are our students."

Rebecca M.


"Dear folks at Zen Organics,
My business partner and I run a small environmentally friendly massage center and your product fits all of our criteria for a clean, nontoxic massage product. We have proudly used your Dual-Action Massage Creme in both the lavender and bergamot scents since we started over 2 years ago. Our clients love the feel of the creme, and of course the scent is not too much and we really appreciate the workability and glide of the product. Thank you for your prompt service when we place orders, and we always appreciate the friendly greetings we receive when we call. Thank you for producing an outstanding product, yours forever,"

Tracy B.


"I have been using Zen Organics Dual-Action Massage Cream (both unscented and lavender) for years because of it's superior glide and feel and its natural purity.  After trying a number of different lotions and cremes by top selling brands, I was immediately impressed by the Zen products.  I am particular and careful about what I put into my body, and as a massage therapist am as discriminating about what I put on my hands and my clients' bodies everyday.  I've been thrilled with the flexibility of these products, wouldn't use any other product, and have always been treated with respect and enthusiasm when doing business with Zen Organics on the phone."

Martin G.


"As a massage therapist since 1993, using a product of high quality and superior performance on the job is important.  I was troubled about the ingredients of some commercial professional products on the market.  I have been using Zen Organic Dual Action Massage Creme since it was developed.  Finally, a product with natural ingredients that had a decent shelf life for a full-time therapist!  Now my clients and my hands are not being exposed to parabens, TEA, urea preservatives or artificial ingredients.  I think it is the best massage creme available on the market today. 
Thomas and Micaela have always been personable, prompt on filling my orders and ship them quickly.  They make the process easy and headache-free and over the years it has been a pleasure doing business with them.  I consistently recommend Zen Organics to other professional massage therapists.  Thanks for a great product and excellent customer service."

Lisa H.


"I first discovered Zen Organics a few years ago by my massage therapist who uses the dual massage lavender scented massage lotion and as well as the zero below.  I currently hold my massage license for Carlsbad, Ca but recently moved to Kirkland, Wa. So now I am back in school to meet Washington requirements.  I have brought my Zen Organics lavender dual massage lotion to use in class and now have several students and instructors wanting to know where they can get my product!
I know one who has ordered a gallon of the dual massage and I am confident several more will be contacting you!  They love the fact that the product is Organic!   Keep up the good work!
A fan for life!"

Lynn B.


"I am a new Zen convert.
I have been a massage therapist for 8 years, and work in a busy Chiropractic office. I recently tried Zero Below for my own personal use. 
Arthritis in my knee causes me to allow my muscles to stiffen up in that area, do to pain with motion.   One use of your Zero Below cream and I was hooked.  The pain in my knee lessened and I was able to get good range of motion again.  I am ordering a large bottle, and will try the massage cream as well. 
Thanks for keeping me on my feet!"

Stacy R.


"I love Zen Organics!  I have been a practicing massage therapist for four years, and was introduced to Zen Organics by a friend about a year ago.  Since then I have not used anything else for my massages, and consider myself lucky to have found such a great product.  The natural ingredients are safe for me and my clients.  The Dual-Action Massage Creme has just the right texture, spreadable but not too slippery.  When I receive a massage with Zen Organics cream, I love that I never feel filmy or like I have to wipe anything off.  Whenever I call Zen Organics to order products there is always a pleasant, warm person on the other end of the line to take my order and help answer any questions I might have.  I am so impressed with the products and customer service at Zen Organics, and I always feel good about giving them my business."


Maya K.


"Dear Zen Organics,
In 2001, I started using FX cream in my massage practice until one day about 2 years ago when I was in a massage store and there was a sign asking if you knew what was in your massage cream.  I looked on the back of FX and found several ingredients listed, specifically Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and BHT that after some basic research,  I knew I didn't want to expose my clients to and they were only receiving massage 1-2 times per month.  For me, I especially no longer wanted to be exposed since I knew the impact was much greater considering I was doing multiple massages per day!  
Since 2007, I have only used ZEN Organics Dual Action Massage Cream and absolutely love it!  It has comparable glide to FX, my clients like the feel of it, and additionally, a little goes a long way!  I have given free samples to several of my friends to try in their massage practices and every one of them has switched to ZEN Organics Dual Action Massage Cream.
Thank you, ZEN Organics for such a wonderful product!"



"Hello Thomas:

I am thrilled with the Lavender Massage cream and the Mother's Lotion! I love the organic quality of the lotion. I feel good about giving this quality to my clients. I also like that I'm not being exposed to harmful ingredients!  This is very important to me.

I use both the Lavender massage cream and the Mother's massage cream in my massage practice.  Clients love the lotion and I have two clients who have bought the lotion through me to use as their body lotion.  I use the Mother's Lotion for my daily body lotion as well!

I also appreciate buying from you because of your excellent service and friendly and caring nature!

I am a very satisfied and happy customer and will continue probably for a long time!

Wishing you a very happy and blessed day!"



"I own and operate my own full-time massage therapy business, and fell in love with the Zen Organics Dual Action Massage Cream after experimenting with products from several other companies. I have very sensitive skin, so it is extremely important to me to choose a product that is gentle, paraben-free, and also something I feel good about applying on my skin on a daily basis! I use this product for everything from deep tissue work to general relaxation massages, and have recommended it to several of my massage therapy colleagues, who were also equally impressed. Thank you Zen Organics!" 

Tasha W.    


"I started using the Zen Organics Dual-Action Massage Creme (French Lavender) and Unscented when I was in school at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in 2007. I have tried a few others while in school but decided that the Zen Organics was the only one for me. I have a few client that are very allergic to just about everything but they have never had a problem with the Zen. I love the way it flows and glides while I'm doing my Swedish strokes. Many of my clients comment on the light Lavender scent and how good their skin feels after my massage, not greasy or slippery to the touch. They love it too.The shipping is phenomenal I ordered on a Monday morning and it arrived to Nebraska  from Boulder the next day. I was totally shocked but thrilled. The customer service people are always friendly and helpful when you have questions, I hope this company is in service for as many years as I am a Massage Therapist !! I don't know what I would do without them."

Jean H. 

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